New Player Information

Thank you for your interest in playing with the Kids and Kubs Senior Softball League.  Founded as the Three-Quarter Century Softball Club in 1930, we are now the longest continually operating senior softball league in the world!  Over the years the Kids and Kubs has been covered extensively by the media including the ABC Good Morning America Show, National Geographic, the Tampa Bay Times, Sports Illustrated, Forbes, and most recently Mens Health Magazine.

Player Eligibility.  Both men and women are eligible to play.  Men must be 74 and women 73 prior to the start of the regular season.  Interested persons must complete an application.  Dues are $125.  Checks should be made out to “Kids and Kubs.”  Dues include player hat and two picnics and the annual banquet for you and your guest.   You will also receive a copy of the Kids and Kubs 90th Anniversary History.

Teams.  The Club maintains four teams which play each other throughout the season (named the Kids, Kubs, Kats, and Kits).  Captains usually select their teams in late September after players for the up-coming season have been verified.  You will be notified after the teams have been selected who your captain and team are.  The captain will assign you to a position on the team (depending on the situation players may play several positions over the course of the season).

Games.  All regular games are played at North Shore Field during the season on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning at 10 AM.  The regular season runs from October 31st through the end of March.  During the off-season batting practice and pickup games are played on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 9AM.  It is recommended that you play the off-season pickup games to develop skills for the regular season.  Also, it is recommended that stretching exercises be done beforehand.

Uniforms:  Player uniforms include white and red game shirts and short blue pants.  Long blue pants are optional but recommended for chilly days.  Additionally, players wear long white pants and the traditional black bow ties for ceremonies (such as Opening Day).  Game shirts are purchased through the club.  Other articles of clothing are the responsibility of the player to purchase directly.  A player number will be assigned to you.  You will need to fill-out a Uniform Request Form for game shirts.

Minimum Skills.   You will need to pass a minimum skills test before the start of the season.  This includes catching a ball thrown 65 feet; hitting a ball thrown over the middle of the plate 3 out of 5 pitches; throwing a ball 50 feet; and running the bases in 30 seconds or less.  Off-season batting practice and pickup games are a good time to practice these skills.

Member Photos.  After new players have obtained their uniforms an appointment will be arranged by the Club to have your photo taken for the Club Brochure. Photos are taken by Moorman Photography, 4075 16th Street N., St. Petersburg, 727-527-1237.  (Moorman Photography provides this service free to the Club).

Communications.  The Club periodically sends out emails updating members on current activities.  Additionally, there is a Rainout Number you may call if there is doubt about whether field conditions permit play (727-893-7155).  The Club also maintains a Facebook page ( and a website (  You may reach New Player Coordinator Mike Vander Syde at 727-249-2496 (cell) or Club President Will Michaels direct at 727-420-9195 (cell).

Volunteer Opportunities.  The Club operates almost entirely with the help of volunteers.  Volunteers are needed to help with field setup, picnics, special events, game announcing, keeping stats, and other activities.  If you are interested in volunteering please let the New Player Coordinator or President know.

Refer a Friend.  New Club Members mostly come from referrals of current players.  If you have a friend who you think might be interested in playing bring him or her down to the field to check us out, or contact the New Player Coordinator.