Games Schedule

The Kids and Kubs play at North Shore Softball Field near Vinoy Park on every Tuesday, Thursday, and a few Saturdays except for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. When major city activities prevent the use of North Shore Field, the games are switched to Woodlawn Athletic Complex, generally Field #5. When the season is over, play continues informally without uniforms and picked teams. Members and prospects who show up during the summer months are put on a pick-up team and play one game beginning at 9:30.

The regular playing season begins about the 1st of November each year and ends about the 1st of April (See 2023-24 schedule below.) On opening day the club plays two five-inning games and then enjoys a picnic under the trees at North Shore Field. During the last week of the season the club holds a picnic after the final game. The club has established a Rain-out Telephone Number, (currently 727-893-7155) and players are notified on play dates if the games are canceled.

On each playing day beginning at 10:00 AM two games are played. At the beginning of the season the Roster Committee places each paid-up playing member on one of four teams divided by equal skills. Each player receives a schedule of playing dates indicating which of two games he or she will be in. All of the teams rotate on a systematic schedule regarding first game or second game, and whether home team or visiting team. The home team in the first base dugout wears white shirts and the visiting team on the third base side wears red shirts. All players must be in proper uniform as indicated in the Playing Rules.

Kids and Kubs 2023-2024 Schedule

DayDateFirst GameSecond GameNotes
Tues10/31/23A Kids @ B KubsC Kolts @ D KatsOpening Ceremony & Picnic
Thur11/02/23A Kids @ C KoltsB Kubs @ D Kats
Tues11/07/23A Kids @ D KatsB Kubs @ C Kolts
Thur11/09/23B Kubs @ A KidsD Kats @ C KoltsBoard Meeting
Tues11/14/23B Kubs @ C KoltsD Kats @ A Kids
Thur11/16/23B Kubs @ D KatsC Kolts @ A KidsMember Meeting
Sat11/18/23Tampa General Hospital GameTampa General Hospital Game
Tues11/21/23C Kolts @ A KidsD Kats @ B Kubs
Tues11/28/23C Kolts @ D KatsB Kubs @ A Kids
Thur11/30/23D Kats @ A KidsC Kolts @ B Kubs
Tues12/05/23D Kats @ B KubsA Kids @ C Kolts
Thur12/07/23D Kats @ C KoltsA Kids @ B Kubs
Tues12/12/23A Kids @ B KubsC Kolts @ D Kats
Thur12/14/23A Kids @ C KoltsB Kubs @ D KatsBoard Meeting
Tues12/19/23A Kids @ D KatsB Kubs @ C Kolts
Thur12/21/23B Kubs @ A KidsD Kats @ C KoltsMember Meeting
Tues12/26/23B Kubs @ C KoltsD Kats @ A Kids
Thur12/28/23B Kubs @ D KatsC Kolts @ A Kids
Sat12/30/23Family Day
Tues01/02/24C Kolts @ A KidsD Kats @ B Kubs
Thur01/04/24C Kolts @ B KubsA Kids @ D Kats
Tues01/09/24C Kolts @ D KatsB Kubs @ A Kids
Thur01/11/24D Kats @ A KidsC Kolts @ B KubsBoard Meeting
Tues01/16/24D Kats @ B KubsA Kids @ C Kolts
Thur01/18/24D Kats @ C KoltsA Kids @ B KubsMember Meeting
Tues01/23/24A Kids @ B KubsC Kolts @ D Kats
Thur01/25/24A Kids @ C KoltsB Kubs @ D Kats
Tues01/30/24A Kids @ D KatsB Kubs @ C Kolts
Thur02/01/24B Kubs @ A KidsD Kats @ C Kolts
Tues02/06/24B Kubs @ C KoltsD Kats @ A Kids
Thur02/08/24B Kubs @ D KatsC Kolts @ A KidsBoard Meeting
Sat02/10/24TASCOTeens vs Kids & KubsMayor’s All Stars vs Kids & Kubs
Tues02/13/24C Kolts @ A KidsD Kats @ B Kubs
Thur02/15/24C Kolts @ B KubsA Kids @ D KatsMember Meeting
Sat02/17/24TASCOTeens vs Kids & Kubs (R)Mayor’s All Stars vs Kids & Kubs (R)In case of Rain on 2/10
Tues02/20/24C Kolts @ D KatsB Kubs @ A Kids
Thur02/22/24D Kats @ A KidsC Kolts @ B Kubs
Tues02/27/24D Kats @ B KubsA Kids @ C Kolts
Thur02/29/24D Kats @ C KoltsA Kids @ B Kubs
Tues03/05/24A Kids @ B KubsC Kolts @ D Kats
Thur03/07/24A Kids @ C KoltsB Kubs @ D Kats
Tues03/12/24B Kubs @ C KoltsD Kats @ A Kids
Thur03/14/24B Kubs @ D KatsC Kolts @ A KidsBoard Meeting
Tues03/19/24C Kolts @ A KidsD Kats @ B Kubs
Thur03/21/24C Kolts @ D KatsA Kids @ B KubsMember Meeting
Tues03/26/24D Kats @ B KubsA Kids @ C Kolts
Thur03/28/24D Kats @ A KidsB Kubs @ C KoltsPicnic
1st Team is Visitor and wears Red – 2nd Team is Home and wears White

1st game at 10:00 am and 2nd Game 10 minutes after Game 1 (around 11:30 am)